“I hope people remember me as the guy who brought magic to the people. You know, pushed the boundaries of wonder.” – David Blaine.

Like his favourite magician David Blaine, Allan Louie relentlessly pursues to stretch the limits of one’s imagination. Ever since he had his first experience of mind reading at the age of 13 he set himself on a quest into exploring the unknown. It has been more than a decade and a half now.

Allan was devouring books on magic, psychology, mentalism and the occult from a very young age. Allan’s parents gave him all the moral support to pursue his strange interest, unlike most.

During his mid-teens Allan moved from his small town to Bengaluru city to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Tech, design and animation. It is during this time he got to perform at star hotels during weekends, a phase when Allan experiemented with the knowledge he had acquired from books on real people.  

After his college years Allan got the opportunity to be part of the Carnival Cruise lines, U.S.A as their onboard illusionist/mentalist. He feels like it was the universe calling him and he answered the call. After touring most of the United States on the ship and repeated contracts later owing to his growing popularity, Allan decided to focus on new ways to present his art. It was during this time that he honed his skills as the Mystery entertainer combining mentalism, hypnosis and illusions of the psychic kind.

Allan firmly believes in giving his audience a peek into the spiritual plane and he aims to connect to them on a much deeper level than that of a trickster. To him, Allan Louie experience is all about expanding the walls of your belief, proving to you that the things you deem impossible are actually quite the opposite! Ever changing in his with always something new to offer, Allan Louie is breaking stereotypes in psychic entertainment, one after another.