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Why the Allan Louie experience?    

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for interactive entertainment, look no further.
Allan Louie mixes mind reading, magic, mentalism and
psychic entertainment with a good dose of
humour to give your audience an experience of a lifetime.
Allan has performed all over the globe, including hot spots like Miami, California, New York
city, Texas and Colorado as well as Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. He has also made
special appearences in the prestigious Carnival Cruise Lines and numerous award ceremonies
like the India Biz awards and the Edu awards to name a few.


“I hope people remember me as the guy who brought magic to the people. You know, pushed the boundaries of wonder.” – David Blaine.

Like his favourite magician David Blaine, Allan Louie relentlessly pursues to stretch the limits of one’s imagination. Ever since he had his first experience of mind reading at the age of 13 he set himself on a quest into exploring the unknown. It has been more than a decade and a half now.

Allan was devouring books on magic, psychology, mentalism and the occult from a very young age. Allan’s parents gave him all the moral support to pursue his strange interest, unlike most.


Allan specialises in highly interactive corporate entertainment

International Mentalist & Illusionist Allan Louie has performed his highly interactive stage show for audiences and corporates across the globe.
If you are looking for an interactive stage show that amazes and engages your employees & attendees this is the perfect fit.
Allan’s On-stage entertainment is one of the highest rated corporate show in India.


Allan provides a specially curated list of experiences for corporate events, the kind that would not only be entertaining but also leave the audience with a sense of awe.

Customizable to the tip of the nail, it is a perfect fit for anyone looking to treat their colleagues to a generous doze of interactive mind blowing experience.

Conference appearances are a mixed bag of mind reading, hypnosis, psychological illusions along with illusions that are more than what meets your eyes! Allan makes his shows very interactive during these appearances which serve as a conversation starter post the performance. A great way to let out some steam and going back to work with a fresher mind, fresher perspective and of course, some new friends!
Have a birthday party, an anniversary or just a get together of friends over a couple of beers and barbeque and want to spice things up a bit? Allan does that too. What’s more, he will even pitch in with suggestions as to how to make your rendezvous a phenomenal one!

Customizable, it is a mix of magic, mentalism and mind reading. Highly recommended for weddings, birthdays (but not for children under the age of 13), business meets and get-togethers. An expert in parlour, stage and close up work, Allan is known to leave you with an experience of a lifetime. Besides, doesn’t it make for a good story to tell?

“To a patient fighting cancer, the belief that they could bend a coin in their fist is a morale boost like none other. That is what magic is all about.” – AL

Allan Louie also performs at hospitals, orphanages and old age homes as a part of his Allan Louie Experience. He has performed charity shows for Desire Society, Karunashraya, Suvi foundation to name a few. He is an active participant in fundraisers, charity shows and has donated his share of profits to these organizations as well in the past. Feel free to contact him for any similar enquiries.

If you would like to enquire about booking Allan for a corporate event, private party, birthday party, wedding Party or for a table hopping performance in your dining room, contact for availability and pricing.



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Show by Allan Louie – International Mentalist and Illusionist

Get ready for an interactive hour of magic, mystery and mind reading! 2 shows: #1 - From 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. #2 - From 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pick your show and call +917760899587 to book your tickets. Hurry, it's going to blow your mind!

Article on Smartlife magazine

Mind bender Mystery entertainer Allan Louie spills the beans on what it takes to be a mind reader BY NATASHA ALI Imagine taking an ordinary two -rupee coin out of your purse, putting it in your hand , and then, thanks to the mental is tseated across from you , finding the coin , still clutched in your own palm , bent !

Article on ‘The Hindu’

Allan Louie enraptured his audience with interactive magic, mind reading, mentalism and other feats at the ‘Mind, Magic and Mystery’ show recently held at Atta Galatta. Allan, who has conducted several shows on cruises abroad, says that there is a distinct difference between audiences in India and abroad.



My wife and I experienced something unexplainable by Mr. Allan and we have been remembering him to this day. It has been years since we have seen him and we regard him as one of the most memorable things about our cruise.
It’s a good thing Allan Louie was born in the 20th century, if born 400 years ago he would have been crowned a god or burned for witchcraft.
Bill, Carnival Cruise Lines
How lucky are we to have Allan as our onboard Illusionist. Clearly he is the best in the fleet.
James Dunn, Cruise Director, Carnival Cruise lines, U.S
We were so amused with the kind of entertainment you provided. If we had not met you we would have thought this kind of magic is possible only on television.
Krishna, Marketing manager, Dell
Thank you for making our evening magical. Our employees are still wondering how on earth those mind reading feats are possible.
Anju Chauhan, Senior manager – marketing solutions, ICICI bank


If you would like to enquire about booking Allan for a corporate event, private party, birthday party, wedding Party or for a table hopping performance in your dining room, contact for availability and pricing.